Series One

Episode 1001: Amy and Mike

Amy and Mike’s Brooklyn wedding is heading for DISASTER! With less than two weeks to go nothing’s planned, the groom is losing his temper and the bride has cold feet.

Enter their fairy godmother – Jane Dayus-Hinch, a British wedding planner at the top of her game. But will a crazy mother, a family feud, a reluctant bride and a clueless groom prove to be too much for Jane? Can Jane grant the couple three wishes to save their doomed wedding? Or will Amy call it all off?

Episode 1002: Reena and Pedram

Top British wedding planner Jane Dayus-Hinch has organized some of the most lavish and extravagant weddings around – but Reena and Pedram’s wedding is going to be her ultimate challenge!

There are three ceremonies in one day, 500 hundred guests, 3 meals and 160 thousand dollars at stake. But the real challenge is dealing with a spoiled rotten bride and groom. It’s a full-blown nightmare.

Will Jane throw in the towel or will she be able to force the pampered couple to grow up? And how will Reena and Pedram react when their first wish blows up?

Episode 1003: Erin and Craig

Erin and Craig’s relationship has been jinxed ever since their first date when Erin broke her back! Now, their bad luck is following them down the aisle – with less than a week to go – the DJ has pulled out, the florist has “lost” their order, and the bride’s family is feuding! Is it any wonder Erin’s having panic attacks?

The only person who has any hope of cleaning up this mess is British wedding guru, Jane Dayus-Hinch! But will a groom in shorts and flip flops send Jane over the edge? And will she be able to get Erin to stop crying for more than five minutes?

Episode 1004: Debbie and Adam

When Debbie first started planning her wedding – she was all sweetness and light. But with time running out, Debbie is turning into a bride from hell and groom Adam is running for cover.

What will Jane Dayus-Hinch, a British wedding planner, do when she finds out Debbie has doubled the budget and the guest list, booked her vendors at random and put her parents in charge of baking the wedding cake? As Debbie’s fairy godmother will Jane be able to calm the raging bride or has she finally met her match?

Episode 1005: Lisa and Armando

High school sweethearts Lisa and Armando have been dreaming about their wedding day for six years, but that dream has turned into a nightmare. In an expensive city like Manhattan – their paltry budget of $5,000 may mean they’ll be serving pizza slices at the reception!

Lucky for Lisa and Armando, British wedding planner extraordinaire Jane Dayus-Hinch, is about to take a bite out of the big apple. But will Jane be able to save their wedding amidst Lisa’s constant crying and Armando’s temper tantrums? Or will the wedding be a washout?

Episode 1006: Melissa and Brent

Brent and Melissa are a small town couple with BIG issues! They’re renovating their home, expecting their first child and planning their wedding – all at once. And if that wasn’t enough – their DJ cancelled, their wine maker went out of business and Melissa’s dress isn’t big enough for her oven and the bun.

Enter the wizard of weddings, the icon of “I do’s”, Jane Dayus-Hinch. Jane’s a top wedding planner determined to whip Melissa and Brent into shape. But how will Jane deal with a bride who’s knocked up AND fed up? And can she cope with a groom whose idea of romance is getting drunk. Will Jane call the whole thing off?

Episode 1007: Susan and Sacha

Susan and Sasha’s 2nd wedding is on the verge of becoming second rate – in fact, most of the invitations haven’t even gone out yet. That’s what happens when you have an uber lazy groom and a scatterbrained bride who dares to call herself an event organizer.

Here comes super star wedding planner Jane Dayus-Hinch to save the day!! But it won’t be easy – the bride wants Jane to wave her magic wand so she can go from fat to fit. And once Jane’s done with Susan – she has to whip Sasha into shape! What happens when Jane tries to give this napping musician a wakeup call? Does Jane come out on top? Or will she finally lose it?

Episode 1008: Charmaine and Kim

Charmaine and Kim took a cross-country car trip together and now they’re on the road to marriage, but it’s turning out to be bumpy ride. Their wedding is only 5 days away and the happy couple hasn’t done a thing! There’s no DJ, no flowers, and no food. But, what they do have is a venue – a friend’s backyard that’s filled with junk!!

Luckily for Charmaine and Kim their fairy godmother, wedding planner extraordinaire, Jane Dayus-Hinch has arrived to save the day and grant them three wedding wishes. But how will Jane deal with a bride who can’t stop crying and another bride who can’t stop smoking? Will Jane lose it or will she end up having a gay old time?

Episode 1009: Myra and Jason

Jason and his Philippino fiancĂ©e Myra are set to get married in 12 days but the big day is on its way to being a disaster. Myra’s dress doesn’t fit, Jason’s Jewish parents are meddling, and their wedding planner who’s been paid in full isn’t returning their calls.

It’s British wedding guru Jane Dayus-Hinch to the rescue! Jane’s a fairy godmother able the grant the couple three wishes to turn this wedding around. But when Myra asks Jane to handle their original wedding planner – it’s becomes crystal clear – this wedding isn’t big enough for two wedding planners!

Episode 1010: Tammy and Mike

Workaholic Mike and aspiring actress Tammy are getting married in 2 weeks and all they’ve done is booked a couple of magicians. But, it’s going to take more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat to make this wedding happen. Enter wedding planning super hero Jane Dayus-Hinch to save the day.

Jane can grant the clueless couple three wishes to save their wedding, but will it be enough to turn the workaholic and the wannabe around?
Will she be able to cure Mike of his fear of signing contracts?

And will she be able to force wishy-washy Tammy to make a decision on her own? Or will this be the couple that finally breaks our Jane?

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