Series Five

Episode 5050

With mail-order rings, decorations, and bridesmaids’ dresses, Juris and Heather’s wedding is an Internet disaster in the making. Jane steps in to save the day. But when the bride is late, and the groom forgets the license, even Jane is left wondering what to do…

Episode 5051:

With their conflicting work schedules, and only ten days to go until their wedding, procrastinators Laura and Dave, are freaking out, and can’t seem to make up their minds about anything. Jane vows to save the day… But can she get them to the church on time?

Episode 5052:

Gerry and Jaycee are bringing their two cultures together for one giant wedding… But with just ten days to go, the procrastinating soon-to-be-weds are in a tug of war about the details. Can Jane get them to focus on the bigger picture?

Episode 5053:

Julia and Sam were planning a traditional Chinese wedding… That is until their venue fell through at the last minute. With time running out, can Jane help find a balance between culture and compromise?

Episode 5054:

‘It couple’ Nadia and Derek are getting married in ten days. And while their 200 guests are expecting the show of the year, the couple’s relationship is at an all-time low. Can Jane save the day? And will her romance intervention pay off in time?

Episode 5055:

Donna met Rob, a happy-go-lucky procrastinator, on a blind date that almost didn’t happen. And now that their wedding is fast approaching, he’s kicking back, while she’s
stuck doing all the work. Can Jane rescue the event and balance the couple’s to-do list?

Episode 5056:

Combat engineer Jordan is being deployed overseas, and now his wedding to Kristy is on the fast track. Their families are pitching in to help… But with too many generals and not enough foot soldiers, can Jane take charge, rally the troops, and deal with an AWOL bride?

Episode 5057:

With her soon-to-be groom’s busy work schedule, Roveena is planning her picture-perfect wedding alone. And, adding even more stress is a Hindu astrological prediction that
gives the couple only a two-hour window to guarantee a happy union. Can Jane get the event running like clockwork?

Episode 5058:

Students Samantha and Cameron are tying the knot… But with their big fast day approaching, communication is at an all-time low, the bride is flying solo in the planning
department, and, without lending a hand, her family is expecting the event to be a disaster. Can Jane get the doomed wedding back on track?

Episode 5059:

For Hailey and Tyler, falling in love was easy, but planning their wedding is tearing them apart. With just days to go until their big day, the bride is barking orders, her mother is running the show, and the overlooked groom can’t get a word in edgewise. Can Jane rescue the doomed event?

Episode 5060:

Sabryna and Jenna met at teachers college, fell in love, and now they’re getting married. But with just a week to go until their big day, one high-strung bride is freaking out, the other laid-back bride is too busy to help, and Sabryna’s vision of a perfect wedding is quickly heading for disaster. Can Jane revise the lesson plan, and make sure the event makes the grade?

EP 5061

The first time Frank and Iris decided to get married, he backed out and broke her heart. Three years later, they’re ready to give it another shot. But with just nine days to go, and tons of baggage between them, neither is actually organizing the event. Jane promises to intervene… But can she rescue the doomed event?

5062 Marijana and Loie

Marijana melted ice cream man Louie’s heart… And although the eternal bachelor swore he never would, the smitten duo is now getting married. But with just nine days to go, the stressed-out bride is overwhelmed, Louie’s become a groomzilla, and their two cultures are headed for a clash. Can Jane stop the event from imploding?

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