The idea of proposing a ‘toast’ at celebrations originated in the 17th century. Since then, the toastmaster – also known as a master of ceremonies or guardian of etiquette – has been an important part of royal and formal social events. Because weddings are often formal occasions, they usually necessitate someone to coordinate, direct and announce the ceremonial proceedings, including the receiving line, cake cutting ceremony, and any speeches that may be made.

The many benefits of having a professional toastmaster at a wedding include a smoothly-run wedding. A skilled toastmaster will insure that the reception is run efficiently and timely and that the bridal party remains calm and confident about their roles in the wedding. The presence of a toastmaster in his or her ceremonial clothes – most often a red tailed coat – can truly help to elevate the formal feel of a wedding.

A toastmaster has many duties on the day of the wedding, and a true professional will handle all of their responsibilities discreetly and knowledgeably. These responsibilities include liaising with the bridal party, venue staff and catering staff to ensure constant line of communication. Furthermore, the toastmaster manages and announces all of the events that traditionally occur at weddings so that they happen at the right time and in the right order. The toastmaster traditionally introduces guests to their hosts at the start of the receiving line, and may also be responsible for helping guests find their seats. Most importantly, the toastmaster will use his or her wealth of knowledge to advise on matters of procedure, etiquette and protocol – sometimes guests and even the bridal party need to be reminded about what is and is not appropriate for a wedding.

With over twenty five years of event planning experience under her belt, Jane Dayus-Hinch possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of wedding planning, etiquette and civic protocol. She has a great deal of experience serving as a toastmaster, and is one of the few full-time professional lady toastmasters in the UK.

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