Happy New Year to you!!

I usually dread the New Year as this is when ALL my Brides seem to wake up on New Years Day with the exciting thought of  ‘this is the year of my wedding!’ or ‘Im on a countdown to my Big Day’ and as soon as Christmas is all done and dusted and the decorations are put away – all the Brides are out visiting the first wedding fair of the season – which can be the first weekend in January. I have already received emails and phonecalls from Brides asking to see my range of wedding stationery as they are looking to choose their invitations, get them printed and mailed out as it can take up to 2 months to complete.

Brides have their Bride files and all the contracts have to be reviewed and the suppliers and vendors have to be re-contacted and reaffirmed. January is usually a very busy month with Wedding Fairs and Shows and there should also be dress fittings – to see if the Bride has gained any weight over Christmas.

Depending on when the wedding is – there is certainly a countdown to the date – whether April or October. Things do get missed so I do recommend my WEDDING WALL PLANNER to all my Brides so that they can write on, wipe off everything they are doing, and everyone in the Bridal party can see what needs to be done- and when.

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